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Margot Nick

Margot Nick

I’m a highly effective Coach and Talent Acquisition executive graduated in Psychology, with specialization and MBA in Human Resources and Executive & Life Coaching certified by the ICF, with proven competence in conducting Coaching programs and Talent Acquisition processes.

I have led numerous projects through actions for growth, restructuring and people development, and I have also implemented cost saving initiatives for my clients. All over my career, I have distinguished myself with my knowledge and application of wide-ranging strategies and planning in HR management, process control and people leadership. Responsible for leading talent acquisition programs in addition to sourcing and identifying the best professionals for enter-level, middle and senior management and strategic positions (C-Level) across all divisions, many business sectors and different countries.

I’ve started my professional career in Executive Search, where I carried out strategic and operational projects for many industry sectors, managing all recruitment, from customer interaction, job/profile description, research, selection, reporting and negotiation up to follow-up.

I have built trusted connections with senior leaders and hiring managers to understand their staffing needs, challenges, and business goals. Developed sourcing strategies across a variety of channels, including the use of social web platforms, internal recruitment programs, networking and specific events -, building a pipeline of diversified talent within a global scope.

Since 2012 I also work as a Career Coach - helping people to identify their specific skills and continue to achieve their career goals, responding to the particular needs of my clients at different career stages -, and developing coaching process with focus on job search/relocation, retirement, or vocational guidance. I also work as a Life Coach - focused on transformation in all areas of the individual's life, working one area at a time, improving their development so that they achieve positive and satisfactory results in a reliable and lasting way.

I’m certified to assist my clients in identifying personal goals, developing leadership skills and planning career moves. My daily routine includes helping them to search new job opportunities by providing development and feedback on resumes or cover letters and LinkedIn profiles, as well as strategies for a successful job interview. I do also hold workshops and maintain constant networking to actively promote career opportunities.

As a Coach, I do support personal growth; goal-setting and behavior transformation on my client, helping people achieve their goals by improving the different actions needed to take control of their future plans. The Coaching program has helped many clients discover their true self - personality and needs -, and how to do their best to achieve their personal and professional improvement and goals.

Margot Nick

Carriera is a company that provides Career Counseling and Coaching for individuals at different stages in their life and assists companies in selecting the right candidate for the job.
We carefully analyze the competencies and talents of individuals and companies. Based on our research we can offer customized career counseling and recruiting advice with the information and tools you need to build lasting success.

Mission - Our mission is to make a difference by disseminating useful and relevant information to assist in the decision-making process and in the building and consolidation of the professional growth of individuals and organizations.

Vision - Contributing to the quality individuals’ life by serving as a supporter in the development and implementation of strategies to consolidate your professional talent; ensuring that companies have professionals who are really aligned with the business, leading them to become benchmarks in their industries.

Integrity - Respect and confidentiality of the information received;
Relationship - Sensitivity to the opinions and feelings of people and organizations, while respecting and recognizing the importance of multiple backgrounds, values and contributions;
Innovation - Fostering creativity and breaking down paradigms.

Carriera is committed to contributing to the process of professional and organizational growth of our clients, by meeting their expectations and providing effective and innovative solutions.



Career Transition Services

Data analysis and evaluation with identification of scope and direction that inspire realistic and strong action plans to meet companies and individual’s needs.
Support job seekers for the right career opportunity with a strong career plan and self-assessment tools to help identify long-term goals.
For senior professionals, support in developing relationships and their ability to apply knowledge in the development of new solutions and services.
Launching strategies to meet the needs and aspirations of the individual. (Private or in a group)

Profile analysis / Assessment
Action Plan / Communication Plan
Career Planning

Coaching Students in Career Exploration

Work with students to explore a variety of career pathways, including those nontraditional. Students will benefit by gaining fresh perspectives on career options, enhance decision-making skills, and increase confidence.
Program also considered for those who are not satisfied with their initial option.

Increase self and student awareness.
Empower students.
Career Strategy (Private or in a group)


Finding and hiring the best-qualified candidate in a timely and cost effective manner. The process includes analyzing the requirements of a job, attracting candidates to that opportunity, screening and selecting applicants, hiring, and integrating the new employee to the organization.
Alignment the organizational profile versus the professional’s profile taking into consideration different interests necessary to ensure lasting results.

Evaluation / Presentation
Negotiation / Closing
Satisfaction Survey

Workshop - Closing Cycles

Program for companies that are undergoing restructuring (dismissal / cuts) after merger/acquisition or business strategy realignment, and for companies that have an age retirement policy. Benefit: assist people to begin a new chapter in their life helping them to accept that they need to close a previous cycle in their existence.

Adjustment of conditions
Development of communication plan

Life Coaching

Helping clients pinpoint the challenges or obstacles that prevented them from successfully maneuvering through a season in their life. Better goals are set - ones that naturally motivate the client and she/he will develop new skills, which lead to greater success. We help clients connecting their head and their heart in a way that transforms their passion for their dreams into action for their life. The experience is challenging and uplifting. Program is open to change and coach is ready to listen to the clients and cares about their well-being.

Clarification (what do you want?)
Review resources and options / Set goal
Action Plan
Celebrating success along the way


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